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Past Talks

Functional Relational Programming in Modern UI Development

May 24 - 26, 2016


This talk explores the origins of Functional Relational Programming (FRP), its advantages (and disadvantages), and which parts of it are prominent in today’s UI development.

Parser-Combinators in Javascript

April 20, 2016

BoulderJS Meetup

We follow Tyson (my dog), on his journey to write a DSL with a parser written on Javascript, and learn about Parser-Combinators along the way.

Application Configuration Strategies in Kubernetes

March 31, 2016

Kubernetes Colorado

A brief introduction of different ways to configure applications in Kubernetes.

Clojurescript for Javascript Developers

January 26, 2016

DenverScript Meetup

Introduction survey of clojurescript, from developing with it the first time to react-based asynchronous applications.

Functional Programming Basics

January 27, 2015

RefactorU Guest Lecture

The What, Why, and How of functional programming for new programmers.

Building a Custom Infrastructure

November 17, 2014

DevOps Boulder Meetup

Detailed description on how and why I built Rafflecopter’s custom infrastructure, including platform services, cluster management, and request routing.

Javascript Concurrency Patterns

September 23, 2014

RefactorU Guest Lecture

Patterns for harnessing asynchrony, targeted at new Javascripters.

Book Club Moderator: SICP

March 2014

Ad Hoc Book Club

Led discussion, picked material, worked examples to help others explore this amazing book.

MongoDB Indexing

Examples, explanations, gotchyas and practical advice on MongoDB Indexing.