Custom Platforms

  • Is your application stuck on Heroku, App Engine, or some other PaaS?
  • Want more control and visibility without hindering your engineers?
  • Is your polylithic architecture becoming hard to manage?
  • Containerization gives uniformity across a polyglot application.
  • Cluster Management gives the same managed feeling of a PAAS with more control, visibility, and customization.
  • Consolidation of application configuration, service discovery, and interservice communication makes large polylithic architectures manageable.
  • Open Source Software enables you to manage your platform without expensive long term consulting contracts.
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Development Environment

  • Is your development setup too complex and slow?
  • Is onboarding a new-hire a costly and undocumented process?
  • Mirroring development and production not only saves time, but also enables better ability to reason about your system.
  • Lightweight tools and lazy application loading ensure speedy setup and updating.
  • Containerization and packaging mean less building other people's code.
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Continuous Integration

  • Is your release schedule constantly behind?
  • Do regression bugs keep getting to production?
  • Building and testing every commit keeps you knowledgable about your application's status, at any point.
  • Making deployments fast allows you to speed up your release cycle and move fast.
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